What Is the Weight of a Concrete Block?

textured concrete block wall with deep shadows image by Steve Mann from Fotolia.com

Concrete blocks, also called concrete masonry units (CMUs), are bricks that are most often used for building purposes. These bricks typically meet certain size and weight specifications.


The construction industry uses concrete blocks as a building material in the construction of foundations and walls. Concrete blocks have gained widespread use due to their low cost and the availability of their materials. These materials typically consist of a mixture of water, concrete and an aggregate such as gravel or sand.


Concrete blocks vary in size and structure based on their application. Hollow concrete blocks improve insulation and decrease weight, while denser blocks provide better support. The most common set of dimensions for concrete blocks is 8 by 8 by 16 inches.


Weights for concrete blocks also vary depending on their intended use. The average concrete block carries a weight in the range of 17.2 to 22.7kg.

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