What Is Microsoft MimeOLE?

computer image by Orlando Florin Rosu from Fotolia.com

Microsoft MimeOLE is a specification designed to aid in the creating and sharing of information over the Internet. Native to Microsoft's e-mail client Outlook Express, MimeOLE helps to categorise specific file types for easy distribution.


MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is used by multiple Microsoft programs and e-mail clients to create a standard for the sending files. MimeOLE is the version used by Outlook Express.

Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook Express is an e-mail client that is designed for the home user. It offers a simplified interface in comparison to Microsoft Outlook, but is compatible with all types of standard e-mail accounts. While MIME is used in both programs, MimeOLE is the specific software in Outlook Express that interprets MIME types.

MimeOLE Function

Many files that are gained using Microsoft programs such as Internet Explorer already have MIME types attached to them. Each type of file, whether it is a video, picture or document contains a MIME type that helps Outlook Express to interpret the file and know what to do with it. If a file does not contain a MIME type the client will attempt to generically tag the file; these MIME types allow for easy sharing of files from client to client.