How long before you can put rugs down on new hardwood floors?

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Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but sometimes high traffic areas require protection such as a rug. However, there are several rules that come into play when putting down rugs onto a newly refinished or brand new hardwood floor.

Minimum Time

With recently refinished floors, at least two weeks should pass before any rugs are laid down. However, Darrell Black Custom Wood Flooring, Inc., notes that the time it takes for a wood floor to fully cure can vary greatly depending upon the climate.

Pre-Finished Floors

Unlike floors that have been sanded down and refinished in the home, pre-finished floors can be installed in a single day and used immediately, as no drying and curing time is necessary. Therefore, rugs can be put down onto the floors as soon as the owner is ready.


When placing rugs onto hardwood floors, avoid rugs that have rubber, plastic or foam backing. According to Authentic Pine Floors, Inc., this can cause discolouration to wood floors. Also, the amount of sunlight present in a room can also cause lightening of hardwood floors, while the area beneath the rugs will remain close to their original colour.