What Is the Difference Between Mach3 & Mach3 Turbo?

razor image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.com

Gillette is a large producer of shaving products and is constantly focusing on new technology. The Mach 3 introduced innovative technology that would later be used in the Mach 3 Turbo, The M3Power, and Venus.

Side by Side

Both the Mach 3 and the Mach 3 Turbo have a three-blade razor system. There are microfins at the base of the razor on both models. These microfins precede the razor to produce a closer shave by raising the hair. Mach 3 and Mach 3 Turbo also have a lubricating strip and pivoting head. Tweaking of the microfins and lubricating strip on the Mach 3 delivered the Mach 3 Turbo.

Mach 3

The Gillette Mach 3 blade system consists of three antifriction blades. It has a lubrication strip above the razor head to apply soothing lubrication after the shave. The strip fades in colour from green to white, indicating when it is time to change the blade. The Mach 3 has five microfins at the base of the razor. The pivoting head allows for continuous contact during the shave. This razor was designed with maximum comfort in mind.

Mach 3 Turbo

The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo was introduced after the Mach 3. Much of the design of the Mach 3 continues into the Mach 3 Turbo. The Turbo has a pivoting head and lubricating strip like the Mach 3. As in Mach 3, the strip fades to white when it warrants a blade change. Mach 3 Turbo has a three-blade antifriction system as seen in the Mach 3. One subtle difference in the Turbo is the extra lubrication in the lubricating strip. Another subtle difference in the Turbo is the addition of five microfins, giving the Turbo 10 microfins at the base of the razor.

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