Information on Pop Idol Karaoke Systems

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Pop Idol karaoke systems were created for those "Pop Idol" television series fans who yearned for some entertainment at home where they could sing karaoke with friends and family. "Pop Idol" is also known as the United Kingdom's version of "American Idol.



Pop Idol karaoke systems, which are no longer produced, existed in a variety of formats. Pop Idol Talentbox Karaoke Machine came with a microphone and 11 songs by world-famous artists. Players could record songs and put them online to be voted on. Another product was the Pop Idol Semi Pro karaoke machine, which came with two microphones on stands, built-in speakers, bass controls, and a CD and tape player. Other products included DVDs for playing karaoke at home via a DVD player.


Depending on the product, Pop Idol Karaoke systems delivered entertainment straight at home. Pop Idol Karaoke DVDs could be played without any additional equipment, unless a microphone was desired for added fun and entertainment. The complete systems such as the Semi Pro and the Talentbox could be connected to a television set for song lyrics display. Their controls included pitch controls, bass and treble controls, auto vocal cuts and volume controls. These systems also had built-in amps.

Additional Information

Pop Idol karaoke systems were popular around 2005 but are no longer produced. Several copies of different versions of these systems can still be purchased, either new or used. Pop Idol karaoke products were official licensed audio products of the "Pop Idol" show.