Faucet height for a wall mount

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Wall mount faucets, which are placed on a bathroom or kitchen wall, as opposed to a countertop or sink, are extremely popular. It is important to mount these faucets at the correct height to ensure ease of use.

Types of Wall Mount Faucets

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A wall mount faucet is either centre set or widespread. Center set has a shared base for the spout and water controls and requires one hole. Widespread faucets require three holes: spigot, hot water and cold water. Plans for a specific type must be made during the construction stage in order to place the faucet at the right level.

Minimum Mounting Requirements

There must be at least one inch between the sink's flood level and the bottom of the faucet, and the spigot must not be able to be submerged if the sink is full of water. This is a standard code requirement that prevents possible back-flow of grey water into the potable water.

How High Should You Go?

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There is no code specification for how high a wall mounted faucet can go; it is a personal decision. If you plan on filling large pots in the kitchen, place the faucet high enough for the pots to fit. In a bathroom sink, make sure you can fit your hands comfortably under the spigot. A good rule of thumb is to try to have the water flow into the centre of the sink.

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