What Is a Force Magnifier?

lever image by timur1970 from Fotolia.com

Force magnification is a concept shared by two fields, physical science and the military. In either case, it means that something or some action have increased the force available to a hypothetical person or group.

Many Magnifications

Magnify is variously described as "to make greater in size; enlarge; to cause to appear greater or seem more important than is in fact the case; exaggerate; to increase the apparent size of, especially by means of a lens; to glorify or praise." The term "force magnifier" means that the amount of force available is increased.

Mechanical Advantage

In science, a lever or a pulley is a force magnifier. The term force magnifier in this context means that an instrument increases the amount of force available to a single hypothetical person. The common term for this kind of force magnification is mechanical advantage.

Tactics, Technology, Techniques

In the military, force magnifiers, also called force multipliers, can be things or actions that make more force available to an individual soldier or unit. Aggressive reconnaissance is a technique that is a proven force magnifier for units. The use of highly trained snipers is called a force magnifier because it extends the range for very precise strikes by individual soldiers. An improved aiming device that increases the efficacy of an individual soldier is called a force magnifier.