How to Buy Live Freshwater Crabs for Farming

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Over 850 species of freshwater crab exist around the world. Freshwater crabs like the blue crab are known for their delicious taste and can be farmed in freshwater ponds. Freshwater fiddler and red claw crabs are helpful additions to an aquarium.

Online Seafood Stores

Live crabs can be purchased through online seafood stores. Specify the number of male and female crabs needed when ordering. The blue crab mates in the early summer and autumn when the female crab has just moulted her old shell and her new outer shell is still soft.

Seafood Wholesalers

Seafood wholesalers are also able to supply a variety of freshwater crabs of both genders which can be mated and the offspring farmed for profit.

Aquarium Supply Companies

Aquarium supply companies stock a variety of crabs for use in aquariums. They are initially very small, but eventually grow to their full size. They eat whatever falls to the bottom of the tank and generally get along well with many species of fish. They do not tend to get along well with each other, however, so beware of too many crabs in one tank and any signs of territorial behaviour.

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