The Average Alternator Repair Cost

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Eventually, car parts -- such as an alternator -- will break or fail. The actual average cost of an alternator itself mostly depends on whether the auto shop must order the part. However, many other factors go into the cost of alternator repairs.

Repair Labour Rates

The longer it takes for a technician to repair something on a car, the more it will cost. This mostly depends on the accessibility of the parts, which has become a bigger issue in newer cars. Most shops charge about £39 to £58 per hour for labour.

Flat Rate Estimate

Labor rates are based on the actual flat estimate rates, which are determined according to the model, make, and year of the car. The more parts the technician must get out of the car to reach the alternator, the more expensive the estimate rate.

Diagnostic Fee

Many shops also charge for a diagnostic fee, which can cost £48 to £65.


The cost of the alternator will depend on where the shop orders its parts from and the markup the price. For example, an OEM alternator for a Toyota costs about £58, which is then subject to a 30 per cent to 40 per cent markup. The price of the alternator depends on the car.