Flea Repellant Products for Humans

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A flea infestation can be a major nuisance to both pets and humans. Though fleas most commonly infiltrate a home on a cat or dog, flea repellents are not just limited to animals. Many products on the market that can be used by humans include sprays, candles and foggers.

Natural home remedies are also used to ward off flea invasion and can be made with ingredients many homeowners already have.

Common Bug Repellents

Some of the more effective flea repellents for a human are products that many people may already have. Mosquito spray repellents can also be used to fend off flea invasions. A human can even use a number of different natural pet sprays, which often contain herbal ingredients, as a flea repellent. These types of repellents may be good to use when going on a hike or out in a forest where fleas are commonly found. Citronella, which is commonly found in candles, can also repel all types of bugs including fleas.

Flea Fogger

Fleas can come into the house through pets or children and can be very difficult to get rid of. A flea fogger acts as a repellent for the home and will eliminate existing fleas. If fleas have already infiltrated the home, a flea fogger can be used to kill the fleas, larva and their eggs and prevent the fleas from reproducing in the home. A fogger does not, however, eliminate the source of the fleas. A homeowner may need to use preventive products for the outside of the home.

A flea fogger should only be used when the home is empty of people and pets and will typically take about eight hours.

Natural Homemade Repellents

Many people who do not want to use chemicals on their body or in their home as a repellent for fleas can try alternative natural repellents. Many natural flea repellents are made with items many homeowners may already have. For example, homeowners can boil a cut lemon and allow it to steep overnight and in the morning the lemon can be used on the body to ward off all types of insects. Fleas also detest the aroma of rosemary, which can be boiled with some water, cooled and applied to the skin to act as another repellent. Natural ingredients for the home include garlic and apple cider, which can be applied near doorways to prevent flea invasions.