What Does it Cost to Build a Barn?

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Barns are useful not only for keeping livestock but for storage too. Tractors, equipment, hay and straw are kept out of the elements and easily accessible through the large sliding doors. From pole barns to steel barns, there are many choices.

Pole Barn

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As of November 2010, the starting price for supplies for a 24-by-22-by-10-foot barn from DIY Pole Barn and Supplies is £3,012, includes a single sliding door and a steel entry door. A 40-by-80-by-14 barn includes a split sliding door and a steel entry door at £9,635. A standard pole barn kit includes all you require to build a barn except tools and labour.

Gable Barn

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As of November 2010, Barn Pros has a wide selection of barns to choose from. The Gable Barn base prices start at £12,064 to £57,196. The lowest-priced stall package kits start at £13,812 for a two-stall, 36-by-24-foot barn, including 12-by-12-foot stalls, a wash bay, a tack room with window and a cupola. The complete kits contains everything required, except concrete, nails, roofing and labour.

Steel Barn

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As of November 2010, offering several different sized building kits, Braemar Steel has a base kit starting at £5,427 for a 24-by-30-by-12-foot structure rising to £12,819 for a 50-by-60-by-16-foot building. All buildings include everything required for a basic steel structure, excluding foundation design. The prices are based on shipping from Dallas.