When Are Magnetic Dentures Used?

dentures 02 image by stoffies from Fotolia.com

Implanted even as early as 1957, magnetic dentures remain a denture choice for those seeking a secure fit, reports Time, Inc. The strength of magnetism allows the virtually carefree use of false teeth.


Normally, magnetic dentures are used by elderly dental patients due to their simplicity of placement in and removal from the mouth. Additionally, those with delicate dental diseases feel at ease using magnetic dentures because of their strong hold and comfort throughout the jaw's range of movement.


Technology has improved since the early days of magnetic dentures, and patients can now be sure that corrosion will not be a complication associated with the magnetic implants, reports Dr. Smilez Advanced Dental Center.

Interesting History Fact

According to Time, Inc., magnetic dentures were originally suggested as an alternative to the semi-buried method of denture placement, in which four shafts extended out of the jawline. Unfortunately, normal chewing skewed the placement of the semi-buried type, and dentists found that the magnets offered a more reliable hold over time.