What Is Lipase Powder?

cheese-mass for cheesecake in a vase image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.com

Lipase powder is typically a granulated, animal-based enzyme, primarily used in cheese manufacturing to enrich the flavours. It's also used as a dietary supplement for specific conditions, as well as a detergent additive to increase effectiveness.


Lipase powder is formed by combining lipase with animal milk solids and then sprayed or freeze-dried and ground. Because most lipase is taken from the intestinal track of animals, all but the plant-based type are considered non-vegetarian. Plant-based lipase is less common because it is difficult to extract in sufficient quantities for manufacturing.


Lipase powder is also an essential ingredient when making yoghurt as well as many types of cheese. Since most naturally occurring lipase is ruined during the milk pasteurisation process, it must be added during the fermentation and ageing process to develop the specific flavours of cheeses such as feta, Romano, Parmesan and mozzarella. Lipase also reduces the time it takes to ripen the cheese.

Other Uses

Lipase powder is sometimes used as a dietary supplement for those suffering from coeliac disease, chronic indigestion and cystic fibrosis because it assists in the absorption of food's nutritional and fat content into the intestines. Also, detergent manufacturers have recently started using enzymes, including lipase in the formulation of washing powder to increase stain removal capability.

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