How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

foundation steel. image by Greg Pickens from

Over time, the concrete and steel foundation of a building can become damaged by weight stresses, environmental damages or accidents. Foundation damage is a serious problem and should be repaired immediately. Determining the cost of this repair is a necessary step before initiating work.


The cost of foundation repair will vary with the amount of damage. Very minor problems, such as one shallow crack less than a foot in length, can be fixed by the homeowner with the right tools for between £65 and £195. If the damage is low to moderate, such as several cracks or water damage buckling concrete, the cost can rise to between £650 and £5,200. For major damage, the entire foundation may need to be repaired or removed. This can cost between £5,200 and £13,000.

Signs and Causes

Cracks in the basement and driveway concrete are the most obvious signs, but water inside of the home, bulges in the basement floor and sloping areas that should be flat are all also important signs to look for. Poor soil and drainage conditions are the primary causes of foundation problems.


First, the damage to the property must be assessed through a thorough survey. Cracks and weak areas are noted and a plan is formed. Cracks are repaired by filling with concrete and replacing damaged steel. For major repairs, the existing foundation may be broken up and removed, then a new foundation is underpinned, or installed into a deeper, more stable area under the building. The slope of the foundation may also be lowered by filling in low areas with soil to elevate them.

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