Is the willow tree an evergreen?

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Willow trees like the weeping willow have an elegant form and pendulous branches. They have a broad, rounded crown and, as the name indicates, a weeping shape. The simple leaves are linear to lance-shaped with a serrated leaf margin. As a deciduous tree, the green leaves turn yellow in autumn.


Evergreen trees refer to a tree that typically retains most of its foliage throughout the winter. They do not retain their foliage forever, as some evergreen trees drop their needles once they reach three to five years in age.


The willow tree is not an evergreen tree, rather a deciduous tree that loses its leaves at the end of the growing season. Deciduous trees then go through a dormant season when the tree is without foliage.


Willow trees vary in foliage type. Some willow varieties like the Hankow willow bear curled leaves while others like the White willow feature thick, white foliage. The Babylon weeping willow has light green foliage with a grey to green underside. The foliage on willow trees turns yellow before falling, typically at the end of autumn.