When do magnolia flowers bloom?

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Magnolias bloom at a range of times in the spring and summer months; certain species bloom early, while others wait until summertime. You'll need to know what type of tree you have to determine when it will bloom.

Early Bloomers

Some magnolia trees bloom in early spring, from February to May. The white-blooming Centennial Star, the fuchsia-blooming Ann Magnolia and the bicolored Saucer magnolia are early bloomers. Saucer magnolias' flowers are white inside and purple-pink outside.

Late Bloomers

Late-blooming magnolias tend to blossom in late spring (May or June), although some, like the Southern magnolia, display sporadic blooms into the summer months. Other late-blooming magnolias include the Jane magnolia with its deep purple blooms, the Cucumbertree magnolia with greenish flowers and the creamy white Sweetbay magnolia.


Most magnolias are hardy from U.S. Department of Agriculture Hardiness Map zones 4 to 7 or zones 4 to 8. One notable exception is the Southern magnolia, which grows in zones 6 to 9. Your climate can affect bloom time; trees blossom earlier in areas that have milder climates.

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