Homemade Motorcycle Trikes

trike image by TA Craft Photography from Fotolia.com

Motorcycle enthusiasts build motorcycle trikes for different reasons. Some want the thrills of motorbiking with increased riding stability and the smoother ride a tricycle configuration gives them. Others prefer the additional cargo and towing capacity.

Trike Kits

Bolt-on kits are a simple way to convert a two-wheel motorcycle to a trike. There are no alterations to the original motorcycle. The conversion kit attaches to the motorcycle via a trailer hitch. It can be attached and detached in less than 15 minutes.

VW Conversions

The air-cooled, rear wheel drive Volkswagen Beetle converts to a motorcycle trike simply since its engine and transmission attach to the rear wheel transaxle. The rear seat can be kept as a bench for passengers and cargo. An old motorcycle frame is attached for the front wheel and handlebar steering system.

Motorcycle Conversion

A two-wheel motorcycle can be converted to a trike by extension of the rear axle. Two steel bars are welded to the existing rear axle. Wheels and brakes are attached to the ends of the extended axle.


The axle extension method requires metal machining and welding skills. Do not attempt it unless you have these skills or are willing to pay skilled people to perform this work.