How Much Do Dog Trainers Make a Year?

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The title of dog trainer encompasses individuals who teach obedience to domesticated animals as well as those who train guide dogs for the disabled. The salaries vary based on skill set and certifications of the trainer.

Basic Salary

The average dog trainer makes between £6.30 and £9.50 an hour. This makes the average yearly salary between £13,911 and £25,740. The majority of dog trainers are female, and 60 per cent of those in the business have been practicing for less than five years. The most popular United States city for this profession is San Diego, California.

Getting a Higher Salary

The top degree for dog trainers is typically a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, but other certifications such as those offered by the CCPDT, or the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, will increase your earning potential. Many clients will only seek out dog trainers who are certified, so being certified opens up your business to a greater number of potential clients.

Getting and Advancing in the Job

If you are interested in becoming a dog trainer, a good place to start is in a volunteer position at your local animal shelter. Most businesses looking to hire trainers want experience in the field, and clients appreciate the added experience, too. Growth in the number of dog trainers is expected to continue through 2014.

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