Free IQ Tests With Results for Kids

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Intelligence testing began in the early 20th century, when psychologists such as Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon sought to assign school-age children an intelligence quotient, or IQ, which would help determine whether they needed additional educational assistance.

There are now dozens of IQ tests available online to give you a free assessment of your child's IQ (see Resources for links).

Queendom General IQ Test

Queendom's general IQ test is designed to measure the following factors of intelligence: logic and math skills, language abilities, spatial relations, general knowledge and solving novel problems. There are 109 questions in all, and your child will have 40 minutes to complete the test. Upon completion of the test, you'll receive a score and a personalised report on your child's performance.

IQ Test Labs

IQ Test Labs provides a free IQ test that is 30 questions long with a 15-minute time limit. Questions include analogies (for instance, "Tiger is to stripe as leopard is to what?"), pattern recognitions and logical reasoning problems.

Athey Education Verbal Reasoning Test

The Athey Education site has an IQ test that measures children's verbal reasoning skills. The test is intended for children ages nine to 12. Your child will have 13 minutes to answer as many of the 25 questions as she can. When she is done, you'll receive a score report with the percentage of questions she answered correctly and how she compares with other children her age. IQ Tests is a website offering dozens of IQ tests for all ages. Each test has a rating from one to five stars and a "t <" number that tells you how long the test will take at most. Some of the tests are calibrated for a certain age or grade level. Most of the tests have a free score report upon completion of the test, but a few require payment for a detailed analysis of your child's results.