Ammonia smell removal

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Ammonia odour is a common household problem, especially if you have a pet in the house. Pet urine gives off a strong ammonia smell, and removing the odour from carpet and other materials can be difficult.

The Problem

Ammonia odour is particularly distressing to the human nose. When pets urinate in your house, the smell can last for a long time. Even if you've cleaned the area, your pet may still be able to detect the presence of ammonia and will take this as a cue to urinate in the same spot again. This is why it's important to completely remove the odour as soon as possible.

Commercial Products

You can find many cleaning products that claim to remove ammonia odour at your local grocery or pet store. The effectiveness of each varies, and you may have to try several before you find one that works well for you and your pet. Companies that make such products include Arm & Hammer, Rug Doctor, OxiClean, Woolite and Nature's Miracle.

Household Remedies

You can also try making your own cleaning product at home. This method is usually less expensive than purchasing a cleanser; however, the effectiveness is just as variable. One common home cleaning mixture includes one part vinegar and two parts water. Put it into a spray bottle and use it as you would a commercial product. Peroxide is another home cleaner that, when placed on a stained area and allowed to dry, may eliminate odour.


As with any cleaning product, test a small, hidden area of your carpet to be sure the cleanser won't stain it before spraying your product liberally or in conspicuous spots. You can also consult an associate at your local pet store for cleaning advice and product recommendations.

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