What Is the Distance Between Fence Posts?

Fence and shadow of fence on snowy ground.. image by LiteWave from Fotolia.com

Installing a fence can add a new dimension to your garden or simply bring privacy. One of the initial steps in building a fence is to place the posts that will support the main structure of the fence. Spacing is crucial for an attractive final project.


Fence posts are typically cemented deep into the ground to provide stability for the crossbeams and boards in a wooden fence or the metal fencing of a chain link fence. In a standard wooden fence, attach brackets that will hold the crossbeams to the fence posts. Then, secure the boards (in a privacy fence) to the crossbeams.


For a wooden or vinyl fence, base the spacing on either the length of your crossbeams plus the width of your post (for decorative fences) or the width and number of your fence boards (for privacy fences). Space posts as evenly as possible for an attractive fence. For chain link fences, the posts should be about every 8 to 10 feet.


Before beginning your fence, research your local codes. Some areas restrict the height of fences or the allowable proximity of a fence to the property line.


By taking the time to calculate the distance between your fence posts, you can avoid wasting materials by needing to trim down your crossbeams. It will also keep you from having an odd-sized fence board at one end when you have to fill in a poorly measured space.