How much does it cost to homeschool a child?

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Some parents choose to homeschool their children for personal reasons (often due to religious or social issues). One thing that parents must consider when choosing to homeschool is the cost.

Average cost

According to the website The Labor of Love, the average cost to homeschool just one child is £1,625 per year. This cost decreases for each additional child. Included in this figure are up-to-date textbooks, electricity, computers and other equipment, tutoring, ergonomic furniture and a resource library.

Minimum cost

Some families are able to homeschool their children for around £195 per year. This is because they use discounted or used materials or they exchange materials with other parents. Books and equipment can still be effective even if they are not completely up to date.

Homeschooling high-school students

Homeschooling high-school students is more expensive than homeschooling elementary-aged or middle-school children. Resources are more expensive at the high-school level, and most students will be taking tests such as the SAT or equivalent.

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