What is the difference between sparkling mineral water & soda water?

soda-water image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.com

The terms soda water and sparkling mineral water tend to confuse people. Understanding the differences or similarities can help you make a decision on which to drink. Carbonated waters are in fact the same, whether they are termed soda or sparkling.


Soda water and sparkling mineral water are waters containing carbon dioxide. Nonsparkling mineral water is water with the carbon dioxide removed. Club soda, often confused with soda water, can have salt added, but sparkling mineral waters and soda waters are pure. With no extra additives, all carbonated water is processed the same way.


The primary differences between soda water and sparkling mineral waters lie in their marketing. Soda water is often promoted as a mixer for other drinks, while sparkling mineral water is often marketed as an upscale alternative to flat water.

Common Uses

Despite being the same drink, the two waters are traditionally used differently. Soda water is used as a mixer for alcoholic drinks and as a stain remover. Sparkling mineral waters are used as a drinking water alternative. Sparkling mineral waters are often flavoured with citrus fruit such as lemon or lime.