The Use of Timber in the Construction Industry

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There are many visible, but also certain hidden, uses of timber involved in the construction of a project. Construction trades are in need of timber for the construction process itself; scaffolding boards are made of wood, as are the fences surrounding the building site and some of the tools.

Even mucking boards, used for mixing concrete for small projects, are made of timber.

Frame Work

In certain parts of the world such as Scandinavian countries, houses will be entirely built of timber because it is suitable to climatic conditions. Elsewhere, housebuilders can choose to support the house by wooden frames or stud walling. Roof truss rafters are made entirely of wood, and timber shuttering can be chosen for concrete work. In addition, some construction plans require a massive wooden bearing beam that will balance the entire structure.


The most visible use of timber is displayed in the finishing process of a construction project. Staircases, door frames, skirting and floor boards as well as boiler, meter and pipe boxes are wooden. Custom-built cupboards are also mostly wooden, as are fitted kitchen appliances.

Outdoor Features

Construction of commercial and some private projects will also include exterior work. Outside features such as patios, porches and decking will be made of wood. Additionally, garden architects will require timber for raised plant containers and fencing, while garden sheds and garages are often constructed of timber.