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How to buy a Ceragem bed

Ceragem beds are automated thermal massage beds designed for use in private homes. They are manufactured by Ceragem International, a Korean company that has offices in Korea and Los Angeles. There are numerous retail distributors throughout the United States and Canada.

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According to Ceragem International's website, Ceragem beds are "automated thermal massagers" that provide relief from joint and muscle pain due to arthritis, overexertion, bad posture and stress. Their design combines chiropractic and massage principals with radiant-far infrared heat. They are designed for massage sessions, not for overnight sleeping.


Ceragem beds look something like a cross between a mattress and a massage table. They feature automated massagers that simulate fingertip and hand massage, and heating components that emit infrared heat. According to Ceragem International, infrared heat increases blood circulation, improving overall health.

Purchasing Ceragem products

Ceragem offers several bed models, plus a massage mat and other wellness products. To purchase these products, you must locate a distributor. Try doing an Internet search, or visit the Ceragem International website for their list of distributors. Another option is to purchase a preowned Ceragem bed, which you may be able to find on Internet auction sites or in classified ads.

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