Adoption Party Decorations

If you'll be adopting a child soon, or throwing a party for a friend or loved one who is adopting, you'll want to come up with decorations that are fitting for the celebration. There are several accents you can incorporate into the event that will make the party a wonderful event for everyone invited.


The types of adoption party decorations you choose should be based on the age of the child or any additional information you have about the newest addition to your family. For instance, a banner with images of baby bottles or rattles is ideal for a newborn; streamers and balloons in bright colours would be appealing for toddlers.


The size of the adoption party decorations should match the size of the decorating space or party venue. For example, if you're having the celebration in a friend's dining room, medium-sized flower arrangements for the table are appropriate. If the party will be in a larger space like a banquet hall or recreation centre, you can use enlarged photos of the adopted child that you received during the adoption process to give the celebration even more sentimental value.


Some people consider the adoption party a "birthday" party of sorts, marking the first official day that the adopted child becomes part of his new family. Consider using birthday decorations like Mylar balloons shaped like birthday cakes or candles in the shape of the adopted child's age to create a "birthday celebration" for the new family member.