What is general debility?

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General debility is a broad term referring to a loss of strength in the body. Symptoms and causes vary widely. In some cases, the disease is highly degenerative. In others, simple treatments can get you back to normal.


Symptoms of general debility are pain, fatigue, muscle atrophy, weight loss, attention loss, memory deficiency, learning problems. Weakness may spread over the whole body or be concentrated in certain limbs or parts.


The weakness of general debility can be caused by many things. It may occur directly after experiencing a cold or fever, or it may be the result of extreme stress or lack of sleep. Inadequate nourishment can also cause symptoms to appear. More severe cases can be caused by AIDS, anorexia, chronic fatigue syndrome, muscle diseases, arthritis and other related issues.


To remedy the weakness and pain associated with general debility, drink plenty of water, reduce your protein consumption while increasing your intake of carbohydrates found in bread and grains. Stop eating excess sugar, and do not smoke or drink alcohol. Some sufferers have found that practicing yoga helps them regain strength.