How to calculate the number of soft drinks needed for a party

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When planning a party, you want to buy just enough soft drinks. You don't want to run out, but you also don't want to have dozens of two-litres left over. Therefore, it is essential to calculate how many drinks you need based on the number of guests you expect to attend.


Determine how many soft drinks for your party by considering both the length of your party and number of guests. Expect guests to drink two soft drinks during the first hour of your party and one drink at each hour thereafter.


Consider the food you're serving at your party when making your drink calculations. For example, if you're serving spicy salsa with salty chips, guests may drink an average of two to three drinks an hour. On the other hand, if you're just serving desserts, guests may only drink one or two soft drinks throughout the party.


Canned soft drinks are easy to set up--simply toss them in the refrigerator or an ice box. However, you can save money by choosing 2 or 3 litre bottles of soft drinks. Each 2 litre bottle contains about eight 240 ml (8 oz) drinks and each 3 litre bottle contain 12, so use those figures when calculating how many bottles you need.