The Effect of Carbonated Water on Plants

Everyone who owns a houseplant, a flower garden, or a vegetable or herb garden has wondered when the plant will grow to its full potential, and what she could do to help. You may have heard many things about what you could do to make your plants grow faster and healthier.

You may have been told to use carbonated water on them. Though it sounds good, you should know about its effects on plants before you use it.


The biggest benefit it seems carbonated water will have on plants is in its growth rate. Plants that have been watered properly with carbonated water tend to grow faster than those watered with tap water over a 10-day period. Another benefit is that plants that were watered with carbonated water have generally greener, healthier-looking leaves and stalks, making it a healthier-looking plant all around.


Though carbonated water can help your plants grow faster, reaching their optimal height quicker, one of the big drawbacks is that your plant may not stay healthy the amount of time it would have if allowed to grow at its own pace using tap water, fertiliser and nutrient solutions. You may get a tall, healthy, green plant faster, but it will not be sustained as long as would a regularly watered one. Another major drawback is that prolonged exposure to carbonated water may raise the pH level of your soil and strip it of calcium, neither of which may be good for your plant(s).


The main benefit of carbonated water is that it contains particles called macronutrients. These macronutrients include oxygen, hydrogen, sulphur, potassium, phosphorous, carbon and sodium. These are all essential nutrients for plant growth. When dissolved in carbonated water and applied to your plants' roots, these nutrients absorb into the plant and speed up the growing process.


Using carbonated water on your plants to speed the growing process will only work under certain conditions. For example, you must have a type of plant that is not too delicate and will respond well to carbonated water. That's right--it will only work if you have the right type of plant. Try to use carbonated water sparingly, or alternate between carbonated and tap water, to reduce its negative effects.

Expert Insight

An expert in flora and herbalism will be able to help further advise and recommend to you which plants carbonated water will be safe for, the dosage you should give them and its likely effect. Note that not everyone believes carbonated water should be used on plants. Experiments have shown, however, that at least with some species of plants, it has a positive effect. Discussing the pros and cons with a professional in this field should help you decide whether you want to use carbonated water on your plants.