The average price to reupholster a couch

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The amount you will spend to reupholster a couch depends on a few variables. Depending on the quality of the sofa, your average total costs can sometimes be more than purchasing a new sofa of similar quality.

Fabric Cost

Fabric cost is calculated by multiplying the yardage by the price per yard. Michael's Custom Built, Inc. --- a customer upholstery shop in San Rafael, Calif. --- states on its website, "[an] average sofa will need between 18 and 22 yards of fabric." In 2010, upholstery fabrics range from £3 a yard for inexpensive synthetics to upwards of £117 a yard for higher-end weaves, wools or silk. Super-low cost hints at poor quality and higher cost does not guarantee durability. The market has an extensive selection of good upholstery fabrics within the £9 to £19 a yard range.

Labor Charges

Labor cost to reupholster varies slightly in different regions. The Wood Works, Inc. --- a custom furniture shop in Kansas City --- lists labour charges to reupholster sofas in 2010 ranging from £1,083 to £1,300 depending on the body style. Initial estimates do not usually include any frame repair or padding replacement as the need cannot be seen until the sofa is opened in preparation for the new upholstery.

Transportation Fees

If you do not own a truck or are unable to move the sofa yourself, delivering your sofa to and from the upholstery shop will add cost. Local delivery rates start at about £26 one-way if you live in a large city. Transporting a sofa farther if you live in a less populated area may make the rate higher.

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