Can I steam clean a mattress?

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Over time, your mattress can become a haven for stains, bacteria and other unpleasant things, including dust mites. Cleaning the surface with upholstery cleaner isn't enough to reach the problems deep inside. Steam cleaning your mattress not only reaches those areas, but may help with problems like bed bugs.

What to Use

Steam cleaners use specific cleansers that remove stains and odours from furniture and upholstery. When cleaning your mattress, use a cleaner designed for upholstery since it will be better at removing stains than a traditional washing powder.

Cleaning Process

Remove the mattress from your headboard and box spring, setting it against a wall. Position the steam cleaner at one corner of the mattress and slowly work your way across, to the opposite corner. Move the attachment down and across again. Keep using this movement until you reach the bottom. Flip the mattress and do the backside, before cleaning the sides.


Leave the mattress sitting against the wall until it dries completely. If you place a wet mattress on your bed, it can damage the railings, box spring and headboard.