The Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Decorations

Few movies are as popular as "The Wizard of Oz" and its characters are timeless and appealing to all age groups. If you're having a Wizard of Oz-themed birthday party this year, use decorations to make the celebration a hit.

"Yellow Brick Road" Decor

Decorate the party space with symbols from the film; use yellow mural paper or construction paper to create a "yellow brick road" from the main party table where the food is served to the other activities. Or cut out the shape of a path from a long strip of yellow paper and dust it with gold glitter. Tape the "road" to the front door of your home to welcome guests to the party.

"Dorothy" Decorations

Use a blue-and-white gingham tablecloth (similar to Dorothy's dress) to adorn the main party table. Decorate the chair that the guest of honour will sit in with red streamers that have been sprinkled with red glitter like Dorothy's ruby slippers.

Additional Decor and Accessories

Adorn the table with Wizard of Oz decorations that will entertain your guests during the party. Create a bouquet of large, multicoloured lollipops as a nod to the Lollipop Guild or place small containers of bubble solution with wands at each place setting so guests can create bubbles similar to the one in which Glinda the Good Witch floated.