Disadvantage of Macromedia Flash

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Web developers can add various graphic elements to websites and other Internet applications to increase appeal and interactivity. Macromedia Flash is a software that can be used for this purpose. Macromedia Flash does have some disadvantages attached to its use.


Macromedia Flash, now referred to as Adobe Flash, is a software developed by Macromedia. Macromedia Flash is often used to add graphic elements, video and animation to Web pages, games and advertisements.


Macromedia Flash can be played on mobile devices and computer operating systems via the Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player is a software used for displaying rich media content via Web browsers and other computer programs.


Using Macromedia Flash can cause security issues for users. Macromedia Flash files are not password protected or encrypted and can transfer viruses when downloaded on a computer. An Internet Security Threat Report published by Symantic indicated that executions of Adobe Flash Players in 2009 were the second-most attacked vulnerability of that year. Macromedia Flash also uses Flash cookies, or objects used to collect application data on a user's computer without the user's expressed consent.