What is the average salary for theatre actors in London's East End?

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Theatre actors' salaries in London's East End depend on whether they are members of the trade union Equity. In addition, the East End has fewer theatres than the more popular West End, and salaries tend to be lower than in the rest of London.

Equity salaries

Actors who belong to Equity earn an average annual salary of £25,000 a year. The minimum Equity pay rate is £18,200 a year.

Non-Equity salaries

There is no minimum pay for non-Equity actors as they work to get enough experience to earn Equity membership. The average pay for non-Equity actors can be as little as £150 per week.

London's East End

London's East End was location of the 2012 London Olympics, which boosted tourism and benefited the local economy, including local theatres.

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