How to Buy Cake Emulsifier

Stale, hard, tough and dry are common words used to describe cakes baked without emulsifiers. To maintain quality and freshness of the food product, emulsifiers must be used.

Price of Emulsifiers

Consider the cost of the emulsifier. The ingredient may provide excellent functionality but it may increase the cost of the final output too much. A cost vs. benefit analysis must be carried out by the user when deciding the type of emulsifier that must be used.

Fat Content in Emulsifier

If you are developing your product for a low-fat industry, certain emulsifiers tend to contain less fat content when compared to others. Thus, select the right emulsifier as per the need and requirement.

Local Rules and Regulations

Check with local FDA rules and regulations before selecting an emulsifier as some emulsifiers that contain polysorbates are regulated by quantity in some states.

Natural Emulsifiers

Many cake bakers prefer a natural label. If this is the case, use emulsifiers like hydrophilic lecithin or distilled monoglycerides that contain enzymes that are more natural than others.

Combining Emulsifiers

A combination of two or more emulsifiers works best while baking cakes. Commonly used emulsifier mixes are easily found in the supplier's stock.

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