How to Buy Similac Alimentum

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According to Similac's website, Similac Alimentum is for babies who have difficulty digesting proteins found in milk- and soy-based formulas. It is easily digested by sensitive babies and helps reduce colic symptoms.

Where to Buy?

Babies "R" Us and Toys "R" Us sell Similac Alimentum both online and in stores for £16.70 plus tax for a one-pound canister of powder. Drugstores like Walgreens sell Similac Alimentum. According to its website, Walgreens sells a one-pound canister for £19.40 plus tax. Check online with stores like Walmart and Target; both sell a pack of six one-pound canisters of powder. Walmart sells a six-pack for £99.2 plus tax with free shipping. Target sells the same for £99.4 plus tax also with free shipping.

How Much to Buy?

A one-pound canister of formula powder can yield 115 fluid ounces of formula. According to Similac, an infant up to 1 year old takes 340 to 851gr a day depending on his age, so a one-pound canister will last between three and nine days, depending on the amount your child eats.

Free Samples

If you visit the Similac website and sign up for a StrongMoms account, you can access many great items including coupons and free samples of Similac formulas, including Similac Alimentum.

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