How to Buy a Bobcat Animal

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Bobcats are large American cats commonly found from Mexico to Canada. Exotic pet traders often post listings for bobcat adults and kittens, but check your local exotic animal laws before purchasing a bobcat.

Bitterroot's Bobcats

A professional bobcat and lynx breeder in the United States, Bitteroot has a yearly breeding schedule for selling bobcat kittens. You can reserve a kitten before the breeding season, and there are many times throughout the year that you can put in an order for a kitten.

Pets 4 You

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This website regularly updates with listings of unusual cat breeds, including bobcat hybrids. A bobcat hybrid is a genetic mixture of both a bobcat and a domestic cat. These animals are not considered wild animals, and should bypass laws prohibiting a "normal" bobcat.

Other Exotic Pet Websites and Options

Websites such as and frequently post listings for bobcats for sale. Check online to see if there are big cat breeders near your location, and visit them. Buying a bobcat from a local dealer would save on costly shipping charges.