Definition of Consistent Customer Service

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Consistent customer service is the art of providing the same level of service to each customer, regardless of the knowledge level of the customer or the complexity of the issue.

How to be Consistent

In order to provide consistent service, the customer service representative must understand and implement one basic concept: treat every interaction as though it is the only thing you have to do today. While we all know that this is not true, using this concept will prevent the representative from rushing through the interaction and missing an important step.

Why Consistency is Important

We are all human and, therefore, we all make mistakes. In the customer service industry one person's mistake can have severe repercussions for someone else. In some industries a single mistake can have drastic financial or even physical consequences. It is vital to strive to consistently provide quality service in every interaction.

Provide Consistent Information

As a customer it is frustrating to call a company twice and receive two different answers to the same question. This typically happens because information changes at a rapid pace in a call centre environment. Being consistent means taking the time to keep up with these changes and ensuring that the most current information is provided to the customer. It is also incumbent upon the company to provide this information to its representatives in a clear and concise manner.