Craft for a Paper Carousel

rooster carousel image by Jackie DeBusk from

A paper craft model of a vintage carousel or merry-go-round requires some skill but makes for a rewarding project. Different types of paper craft may be required for a single model. Free patters for paper craft carousels are available online.


Paper crafts were popular before the introduction of modern materials. They enjoyed a boom during World War II, when strategic materials such as metal were in short supply. Paper and similar materials were used to make models and toys instead.


Different types of carousel models can be crafted from paper. The simpler types are static models. More complex paper carousels might be animated, with small mechanisms that allow them to spin and move. These mechanisms might be made from other materials but sometimes even they are made from paper alone.


Different kinds of craft skills can be used in making a paper carousel. If a pre-printed pattern is not used, painting, stamping or collage can be used to create the visual elements. Crafts involving the cutting and folding of paper will certainly be required.

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