Cost of Cancer Treatment for Dogs

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Having a dog with cancer brings stress about its health, treatment options and costs. Determining the cost requires contacting local veterinarians, veterinary hospitals and special veterinary oncology clinics because costs often vary for the same treatment even locally.


According to, cancer surgery typically costs at least £325 and radiation costs typically range from £650 to £2,600. Chemotherapy expenses vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars, according to the Nation Canine Cancer Foundation (NCCF). Cost of cancer treatments includes evaluation and diagnosis.


Cancer treatment costs depend on many variable beginning with the type of cancer, recommended treatment and your geographic location. Your dog's size impacts costs because chemotherapy drugs and other medications and treatment charges often depend on weight.


Additional costs arise from complications and other issues. According to the NCCF, costs for complicated tumour removal and reconstruction begin at £975. Pain medications and antibiotics increase costs, according to Vetinfo. Other increases include supportive medications, hospitalisation and treatment of side effects.


Prognosis for canine cancers varies. The age and health of your dog and the cancer stage effect treatment outcome. Sometimes pain and symptom management remains the only available option.

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