Job description for a midday supervisor

In order for a school to run smoothly, along with teachers, U.K. educational institutions also employ a wealth of support staff. A midday supervisor is one of many vital support roles in a school, since they look after children during dinner (lunch) time when many other staff are not present.

General Description

A midday supervisor is required to look after schoolchildren during dinner break, when teachers are not present. This includes supervising pupils in dining areas, outdoor areas such as the playground and the general school premises.

Further Features

A midday supervisor will be required to control the running of the cafeteria at dinner time---this includes supervising queues and maintaining cleanliness of dining area. A midday supervisor also has to control children's behaviour on the playground, look out for their safety and be prepared to issue minor first aid should a child hurt herself.

Qualifications and Skills

No set qualifications are required; however, a midday supervisor often partakes in health and safety training once he has been offered the job. A midday supervisor must possess numerous personal skills. She must be good with children and be prepared to discipline them. They must be firm but fair to pupils---responsible, as well as caring.

Location, Hours and Salary

Midday supervisors are based in schools. They typically work every school day, during the dinner hour. Due to the low amount of hours worked each week, pay is not high. However, the part-time term-time hours of the job are often appealing to mothers and retired people.