Vertigo With Sinusitis

Vertigo, a type of dizziness, is a symptom of a residing health issue, such as sinusitis, and not an illness unto itself. It causes the illusion of movement, especially spinning.

Sinusitis to Vertigo

Sinusitis will often inflame the vestibular system and surrounding areas, particularly from the pressure of congestion, resulting in vertigo. The vestibular system includes structures of the inner ear and brain and is responsible for "integrating sensory stimuli and movement and for keeping objects in visual focus as the body moves," explains the Neurology Channel website.

Treating Sinusitis

If your vertigo is caused by sinusitis, treating the underlying cause is key. Depending on the severity of your case, treatments range from promoting sinus drainage through steam inhalation or rinsing with warm saltwater, to antibiotics, to surgery.

Preventing Sinusitis

Once you've recovered from sinusitis and vertigo, keeping the nose and sinuses moist and mucus free is crucial. Using a humidifier in your home, inhaling steam and running warm water through your nose with a squeeze bottle are ways to prevent sinusitis.