What is the definition of organisational skills?

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Organisational skills are essential in the workplace and are the key to getting ahead in the business world. You can stay on top of projects, beat deadlines and impress your supervisor with effective organisational skills.


Organisational skills help you stay organised so that you can manage your time, keep your workspace clutter-free, prioritise projects and stay on top of your schedule.


Someone who has good organisational skills is on time for meetings, never misses a deadline and knows how to maximise their productivity. These people work smarter, not harder.


According to the Free Management Library, there are various types of organisational skills you can employ in the business world. Some categories include self-organisation, supplies and storage organisation, desktop organisation and task/project organisation.


In the business world, organisational skills are invaluable to employers. Employees who exhibit good organisational skills get things done on time, can be depended on by their supervisors and will impress others with their skill set.


There are organisational tools available to help employees become, and stay, organised. Organisational tools include file cabinets, paper trays and daily planners.