The effect of teenage pregnancy on the family

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While teenage pregnancy obviously affects the teens, especially the young mother, more than anyone, there are consequences for the entire family. From the moment the pregnancy test reads positive, the effects touch everyone involved.

Tough Decisions

When a teenage pregnancy happens, the entire family often has to come together to decide whether the parents should keep the baby, end the pregnancy or give the baby up for adoption. Parents may have to help guide the teens through that decision, and the whole family must cope with the consequences.

Loss of Trust

Discovering your teen has been sexually active can be a real blow to your relationship, especially if she had indicated that she wasn't.


Teenage pregnancy is considered high risk, and worrying about the health of both the young mother and the new baby can cause stress for the whole family.

Changing Relationships

Parents of teenage parents must get used to the idea that their children are now responsible for another person. Boundaries and rules may need to be adjusted to reflect the new relationships as these young parents balance youth and responsibility.

Financial Concerns

Most teens aren't equipped to support themselves, and they are even less able to support an infant. The teens' parents often end up providing at least some financial support for the baby, which can cause hardship, especially in lower-income families.

Positive Effects

Occasionally, troubled teens decide to turn their lives around when they become parents. Seeing the positive changes in the young mother can reduce stress in the family. The teen years are often turbulent times for kids and parents, and coming together to care for a new baby may show both sides that they can work together.