What is a Tandem Garage?

Tandem garages are a popular way to give homeowners more garage space without the requirement of a wider lot.


A tandem garage, unlike a traditional garage, is laid out where two cars can be parked end to end, not side by side.


A tandem garage can be used for additional cars, recreational vehicles, storage space or a workshop.


A tandem garage is beneficial because it does not require a house lot to be as wide to accommodate extra garage space, unlike a double garage, which does need more space.


A tandem garage can create a logistical problem with two cars parked end to end and only one exit. To avoid this problem, a second garage door can be installed to have a rear exit, therefore preventing a car from being boxed in.


A modified tandem garage will have space for three cars. From the outside, the garage appears to be a two-car garage. However, one side will have a garage spot to park two cars in tandem.

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