Alphanumeric filing instructions

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Running a business can be tough, but keeping your office files organised makes it much easier. Having a foolproof system that you and your employees can easily follow will help everything run smoothly.

Using the alphanumeric method, a combination of alphabetical and numerical filing, you will be able to locate important files in no time. Even household files such as bills, taxes and school information can benefit from this method.

Mark all files pertaining to people with the subject's last name first, a comma and then first name. Abbreviations such as Dr. or MD are written after the first name. Name other subjects' files appropriately.

Sort files alphabetically and assign number categories if needed. Categorising your files by year, for example, will make it easier to find certain files. If the files are not personal names, omit words like "a" and "the" when sorting.

Arrange the number or symbol categories in chronological order.

Place the alphabetical files within each number or symbol category to which they belong.