Home treatment for pancreatitis in dogs

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Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas, which is a gland that secretes enzymes for digestion and insulin to help process blood glucose. Home treatment is an option for chronic pancreatitis in dogs. It can also be an option for acute pancreatitis, if it is not too severe.

Chronic pancreatitis

Diet is key in controlling chronic pancreatitis. If you feed your dog commercial dog food, feed him low-fat dog food. The dog can also have cooked white rice, potatoes, cooked chicken breast and boiled hamburger. Feed her half carbohydrates and half protein.

Acute attacks

If the pancreatitis becomes acute, the dog must not have any food or water until he stops vomiting.


Once the vomiting stops, give your dog small amounts of water---a few laps of water or ice cubes once an hour.


If water stays down, give your dog frequent small amounts of soupy, low-fat food that is high in carbohydrates. If she keeps the food down, slowly increase the amount.

Vet care

If the dog is dehydrated or unable to eat after 48 hours, take him to a veterinarian for treatment. Also, if she shows signs of being in pain, get pain medication from your vet.