Almond oil for earaches

An earache can be treated at home with oils such as garlic oil, almond oil, olive oil and tea tree oil. Almond oil is one of the most frequently used oils to ease earaches and it generally produces prompt results.

Treatment Method

A quarter teaspoon of warm almond oil is poured right down the affected ear and the ear is plugged with cotton wool to keep the oil warm and prevent the oil from seeping out. The oil can be warmed by placing the container of almond oil in warm water. Check the temperature of the oil before using it in a person's ear.

With Other Oils

Almond oil is used in combination with essential oils such as anise oil, olbas oil, juniper oil, peppermint oil, chamomile oil and lavender oil to treat earaches.

Antibacterial Helper

One of the ways in which ear infections can be caused is by a sealed eustachian tube, which is a tube going from the ear to the nose. Bacterial infections also can occur in the eustachian tube, making the ear infection worse. Almond oil can be mixed with a few drops of an essential oil that is safe for the ears that has antibacterial properties powerful enough to kill bacterial infections. Oregano oil and garlic oil are both suitable.

Carrier Oil

Almond oil, being a carrier oil by nature, offers enough lubrication to get past the thick ear wax and can even soften hardened wax, according to HealthPoint Technologies. This lets the almond oil reach the cavity of the ear that is infected and ease the pain promptly.

Other Prescriptions

Almond oil is also included in treatment recipes without essential oils such as onion juice, pepper juice and garlic juice. Almond oil helps the ingredients reach the infected area and also aids in the healing process.