Why Are There No Blooms on My Phlox?

Phlox is a five-petal flower with more than 60 species. According to Butterfly Gardeners' Quarterly, phlox is the most common plant offered at nurseries. When your phlox does not bloom, the reason may be wildlife, location or fertiliser problems.


Phlox is a plant of diversity in cultivars from creeping ground covers to tall garden flowers.


Phlox draws butterflies and wildlife. When creeping phlox does not bloom, look for signs of wildlife nibbling off stems and flower buds. Protect plants with rabbit repellent or fencing.


Phlox needs four to six hours sunlight daily. If your non-blooming phlox is in shade, move the plant to a sunny location.


Phlox benefits from growing season fertiliser. Apply water-soluble fertiliser to non-blooming phlox every four to six weeks.


Phlox species bloom at varying times from early spring to late summer. Your non-blooming phlox may not be at its flowering season. Check its bloom time with your regional garden centre.