What would cause lower abdominal pain in a male?

Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Martin Kingsley

The term "lower abdomen" refers to the area beneath the navel. There are several reasons why a male would experience abdominal pain.


Lower abdominal pain answers to a few different names, such as stomachache or cramps. It can refer to a number of maladies and, if it's persistent, a man should seek a doctor's attention.


Symptoms of lower abdominal pain in males can vary with cause. They could include shooting pains or a constant ache. The sufferer may also experience bloating, irregularity, gas or nausea.

General Pain

Pain in the lower abdomen will generally be found on the left side or the right if it is caused by a disorder of an organ. If centralized, it may be accompanied with intestinal gas and bloating.

Left Side

Lower abdominal pain on the left side could be indicative of diverticulitis, constipation or bowel cancer, among other possibilities among men. Pain on the left side also could indicate issues with the left kidney, the lower part of the large bowel or the lower intestine.

Right Side

Pain on the right side of a male's abdomen would likely indicate a disorder of the appendix or a kidney stone in the right kidney. Also found here is the first part of the large bowel.

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